When the world started to shift in the face of COVID-19, we made a commitment to transform your phone into a portal of radical joy to help navigate this period.

With help from some of our expert collaborators, we’ve been working on a program of  delicious diversions, intriguing pick-me-ups and other self-improvements – many of which are still to be revealed over the course of the coming weeks.

One of Sorry Thanks I Love You’s hallmarks has been to experiment with the idea of what a shop can do or be, and to use our spaces in creative ways – especially after dark. We’ve been offering free yoga on Monday night in our stores for the past four years in this spirit – and as a way of bringing people together, lifting them up, and keeping their mental health en pointe. What started as a one-off project with non-profit surf community OneWave evolved to become a weekly class at 6pm on Mondays that’s open to all levels, with mats provided and beginners particularly welcome. 

Looking after Sydney’s mental health feels more important than ever while we ride the current situation out, so a month ago we began to offer free yoga from the ether instead.

Despite our very low-fi offering the response has been epic. But in order to keep the joy coming we’ve realised we need to get our hands a little dirtier.

So from now on, every Monday night at 6pm we’ll be sneaking you in to some of Sydney’s best-loved locations, and hosting our free yoga from the alluring places that are, for many of us, totally inaccessible right now.


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