• Andrew Weatherall

    Andrew Weatherall

    Today, we’re paying tribute to Andrew Weatherall, a prolific musician, producer, DJ and notable raconteur. 
  • We're listening to: Session Victims

    We're listening to: Session Victims

    Known for their raucous vinyl only DJ sets and stubborn use of old school hardware, Session Victim has since become one of Germany’s most prolific and joy-inducing house acts.
  • Bill Kouligas

    Bill Kouligas

    Berlin based Bill Kouligas is an artist, designer, musician, and founder of experimental record label PAN, working with electronic music’s most experimental and revered acts.
  • Landhouse & Raddantze

    Landhouse & Raddantze

    Combining their mutual expertise, Landhouse & Raddantze have honed their signature ‘slowtechno’ sound – known for their use of foraged snippets, triumphant melodies, and a hypnotically paced rhythm.
  • Introducing: Scheibosan

    Introducing: Scheibosan

    A musical veteran who has been DJing since the 80’s, Gerald Scheiber draws from a vast myriad of experience and influences.
  • We're Listening To: Röyksopp

    We're Listening To: Röyksopp

    Norway’s Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge are known for creating thoughtful, earnest techno.