Fridays Are Gold


Friday is already hands-down the best day of the week.... and there's nothing like a feel-good cup of specialty joe to make it even more golden.

Every Friday morning in 2023, our coffee will be available by gold coin donation only. 

Fridays Are Gold is our experimental fundraising program for Sydney's integrated cancer hospital Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. We’re using the supernatural power of coffee to raise money specifically for the Lifehouse’s psychology and counselling service.

We're aiming to raise enough money to cover 100 patient sessions at the Lifehouse's psychology and counselling clinic in 2023.



We're donating 100% of our Friday morning coffee proceeds - so every dollar you donate goes directly to the Lifehouse. Our goal is to create 100 free sessions for patients, carers and their families in 2023 because in our experience having a strong mind is a key determinant when it comes to living with cancer. We’ll be tracking our progress in store and right here.


Join us for Fridays Are Gold at Sorry Thanks I Love You on level one at Westfield Sydney any Friday in 2023 from 8.30am. The project is kicking off on 17 February and will run every Friday until the end of the year.

Make a gold coin donation and get a specialty Single O coffee + a shiny chocolate treat.

If you’re not in Sydney but are keen to support the Lifehouse, you can make a gold coin donation here. (And make sure you tell us about it next time you’re in town so we can shout you a coffee.)

To track our progress, follow us on Instagram.

See you on Friday!


About Sorry Thanks I Love You

Sorry Thanks I Love You is a mash-up of edge fashion, considered design, art, mind-bending gourmet food and specialty coffee in a space more like a sculpture than a store. We seek out handmade, expertly designed products that tell a story and we only partner with makers whose attention to detail verges on the obsessive. They’re a mix of expert and underground artists and they work from studios all over the world.

We’re perennially curious about experimenting with space and transcendence through a constantly evolving program of tastings, installations, talks and exhibitions in our café, mini-atrium and store space. We exist to nurture and inspire happiness and our concept is built around the reasons why people give.

About Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is a holistic cancer hospital in Sydney that offers world class health care and treatment facilities, clinical trials and cutting edge research layered with complementary patient therapies like yoga, nutrition, counselling,
fitness training and massage all under the one roof.