New stationery from Astier de Villatte

Handmade by the famously cantankerous octogenarian Francoise Huin, the last remaining hand typesetter left in France, Astier de Villatte’s gilt-edged, deliciously thick paper notebooks are works of art in their own right.

When Monsieur Huin’s workshop and his Linotype machine - deemed “the eighth wonder of the world” by Thomas Edison - risked closure, Astier de Villatte stepped in, bought the business, and employed three new apprentices to ensure this ancient craft doesn’t vanish forever.

Lightly indented with a monogram pattern in black ink, the rainbow pigmentation on each notebook cover is added by hand - which means each one is completely unique. 

Find Astier de Villatte's new notebooks at our Westfield Sydney store or online here.

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