Farmers Wife Gin

We've partnered with a group of Sydney hospitality legends to curate a one-of-a-kind boutique spirits and wine offering. This ridiculously delicious gin is amongst it.

Farmers Wife Gin is made using ingredients like pink grapefruit peel, sage, and native honey from stingless bees on Kylie Sepos' family property just north of Newcastle, and it's just won a silver medal at the London Spirits Award.

Along with some of the usual offenders - juniper, lemon, and andanise myrtle - Sepos throws in native sugar bar honey produced by Australian stingless bees. The honey creates a savoury, soft floral note complimented by herbaceous native sage, and the result won a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition. 

Because it's so good neat, we recommend keeping it in the fridge so it's always at hand.

Find #farmerswifegin among our collection of boutique and artisanal spirits and wines here.

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