Messina Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

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Ingredients: Hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar 


Just a spoonful

Close your eyes and imagine Nutella and your Mum’s best ever chocolate sauce’s love child.  Stay with that taste.  Now imagine Sydney’s most famous gelataria having a hand in it.  The imaginary bliss on your mind’s tongue right now doesn’t even come close to the heaven that is Gelato Messina’s Chocolate Hazelnut spread.  Affectionately dubbed Messinatella, this incredible concoction is, in our opinion, best spooned straight from the jar to the mouth – though it’s more civilised to drizzle it on ice cream, spread it on toast or generally share it with your friends in one form or another. 

Gelato Messina

To describe Gelato Messina as Australia’s authority on all things ice cream is putting it extremely mildly.  Messina take their gig so seriously that they don’t buy any of their ingredients: they make them. This means owning an entire dairy to supply their own creamy jersey milk, and hand making entire apple pies simply to throw them straight into the churners – pastry and all.

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