Elbow Workshop Camel Dubbin

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Happy Boots

Camel dubbin is world renowned as one of the most nourishing leather conditioners in the world, and has been the secret weapon of tough outback graziers, cameleers and wily craftsmen from the top end for generations.  Alice Springs’ saddle-maker turned bespoke outfitter and bootmaker James B Young takes camel fat, a naturally occurring byproduct sourced from local camel farmers, and hand renders it with a mix of natural ingredients to create a world-class dubbin that repels water and replenishes the natural oils necessary to maintain a supple and resilient leather. Apply to office brogues, leather satchels and farm boots alike.

Elbow Workshop

A former saddle-maker, James B Young followed his heart to Alice Springs and is now one of the country’s most in-demand bespoke outfitter and leather bootmaker.  Elbow Workshop is a joint project between James and his partner, designer and Alice Springs native Elliat Rich. The pair spend their days working at a 650kg concrete and steel table, that they built together in the outback.