The Golden Coffee Cup Competition Is Here

Win free coffee for a year from Australia’s best independent CBD cafes and help them stay in business.


Australia has one of the best coffee scenes in the world. Not only do our independent cafes fuel the entire workforce of the CBD, but they also keep baristas, DJs and artists on their books, and define each city’s identity.  


But with no one left to serve coffee to, many of these cafes have been forced to close their doors.


That’s why we’ve created a special competition to support them. The prize? The Golden Coffee Cup: a license to drink free coffee at your city’s best independent cafés every single day for a year.


With the introduction of the COVD-19 restrictions, hospitality businesses around Australia have been scrambling to make ends meet. Cafes located in CBD areas have been doing it particularly tough: not only are they restricted to take-away service only, but with the majority of the city centre population now working from home, their customer base has also completely disappeared.


We’ve seen the impact of these new restrictions first hand in Sydney CBD - and it’s the CBD cafes that find themselves in a unique quandary. Their take-away coffee is some of the best in the world, but no one is allowed to come in to the city to buy it.


While the recently announced stimulus packages will go some way to supporting these businesses, for many the future still very much hangs in the balance.


We’ve created The Golden Coffee Cup Competition to help support them through this period of uncertainty. The Golden Coffee Cup is, we think, the ultimate prize: a license to drink coffee for free at four of your city’s best independent, owner-operator cafes.


The competition is launching in Sydney first, with Melbourne and Hobart competitions opening next week.


The Sydney cafes participating in the Golden Coffee Cup Competition are Marlowe’s Way, Klink Handmade Espresso, Skittle Lane Espresso, and one other mystery café to be nominated by you as part of the competition.


We’ll select the final cafe by referring to competition submissions, and announce them a week into the competition opening. The same system will apply in Melbourne and Hobart.


To go in the running, just purchase a product from our new, especially created ‘Stay Home’ range, then tell us which independent, owner-operator café in the CBD you love, and what it is you love about them. (The full terms and conditions are here.)


Importantly, 100% of the profits from the Stay Home range, which currently include a $25 canvas tote bag and $40 baseball cap, will be donated to the cafes involved.


This is not about trying to sell bags and hats. We originally designed this competition as a raffle, but the approval process was going to take longer than we liked and in our opinion a quick response to this situation is necessary. Rustling up a tote bag and cap turned out to be the quickest and easiest way for us to get this thing off the ground.


(Just so you know, we haven’t skimped on quality in either case: the cap is a six-panel, curved brim, low profile cap made from lightweight cotton with an adjustable metal clasp that has been custom embroidered in Sydney, and the bag is a thick canvas tote bag with a substantial gusset, screen printed on both sides. Both are nice opportunities for you to step up your Zoom attire.)


In the spirit of transparency, we’ve broken down the costs associated with these products on our website so you can see exactly where your money is going.


As for the Stay Home message? The more we all stay home, the quicker we flatten the curve, and the sooner the city will be open again.


We’ve been working on a number of special projects in response to the current situation – and all of them are designed to transform your phone into a portal of radical joy.


Two weeks ago, we took the free in-store yoga classes that we’ve been offering for the past four years into the ether, and began hosting yoga from Instagram Live.


The Golden Coffee Cup Competition is our second COVID19-inspired initiative, and has gone from idea to reality within a week.


Having lived and worked in both Melbourne and Hobart, we felt well positioned to introduce The Golden Coffee Cup Competition in these cities within the time constraints of this project, though we’re hopeful we can roll the competition out across other Australian CBD’s in the coming days, too.


It’s not possible for a small, owner-operator business to prepare for a scenario where an entire city is told that they need to stay home, and even trickier for them to survive that indefinitely. We want to ensure they’re all still here when these restrictions are lifted.


The Melbourne and Hobart cafes participating in The Golden Coffee Cup will be announced on Monday 6 April. We hope you’ll get behind them, too.



The Golden Coffee Cup Competition opens on 3 April 2020 and closes on 30 April 2020.


To check out the Stay Home range and go in the running to win The Golden Coffee Cup, click here.