Chunky Dave's Chilli Peanut Butter

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300g jar


Chunk Factor

This unassuming jar contains one of the most addictive concoctions to come out of the Southern Highlands - if not the entire country - in the past ten years.

After countless iterations, Chunky Dave has perfected his secret peanut butter recipe using mysterious quantities of locally grown peanuts, sea salt, chilli flakes, cayenne pepper, paprika and peanut oil. Each batch is made by Dave himself every each week, and he’s famously fussy about making sure each batch meets his exacting standards. The result is a wonderfully more-ish, savoury peanut butter with a tiny kick of heat that takes a few seconds to register pleasantly on the tongue. Like the happy, blurry memory of a beach day in high summer, as opposed to the sunburn, this peanut butter is warm enough to incite a decidedly smug grin but not so spicy as to overwhelm.


Chunky Dave

Non-peanut butter heads might know Dave Hemming better for the fruits of his day job. As a music producer and mixing engineer based in Sydney’s southern highlands, he’s made records and soundtracks with the likes of Mental As Anything, Icehouse, The Angels and Jessica Mauboy, and films soundtracks for Muriel’s Wedding and Crocodile Dundee II, amongst others.

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