Parachutes Drip Coffee Bags - Single O

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10 individual drip coffee bags

Sugar Plum

Single O spent two years perfecting their 'parachutes'. They’re single serves of specialty-grade coffee in compostable drip coffee bags.  Single O ‘Chutes - O for Origin, ‘Chutes for Parachutes - are about cutting to the chase of specialty coffee. Just add hot water for a delicious brew on the fly.  Coffee is roasted, ground & pre-weighed with the patent Single O obsessiveness & pre-filled into handy-as bags. Nitro-flushing provides a 3 month shelf life (if your stash lasts that long).

Single O

Eighteen years old this year, Sydney’s Single O is one of the country’s OG single origin coffeesmiths. Their solar-powered roastworks in Botany is the home to a laboratory that is all consumed with sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending and tasting ethically and environmentally sound beans, and they count some of the industry’s biggest names amongst their team.

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