Pepe Saya & Olsson's Buttery Salted Caramels

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10 hand wrapped bonbons

Serious Business

We take the matter of salted caramel very seriously, so when two of the greats join forces to try their hand at it you can bet we take notice. The Olsson family have been producing solar sea salt in Queensland since 1960 and the cultured butter fanatics at Sydney's iconic Pepe Saya supply just about every hatted chef in Australia with their rich, creamy  butter. Their collaborative buttery salted caramels are handmade in Sydney by Adora Chocolate, dusted with sea salt, and individually hand wrapped in a process that is both wonderfully and infuriatingly slow. All of this results in a celestial, gasp-inducing confectionery - one that we're convinced is the best in Australia right now.

Pepe Saya & Olsson's Salt

Batch churned in Sydney from single origin cream, Pepe Saya's iconic cultured butter is favoured by the finest chefs in Australia. Olsson’s is the oldest family-owned and operated company producing salt in Australia. They produce both nutritional supplements for livestock as well as gourmet sea salt for chefs, restaurants and enthusiastic home cooks around Australia and overseas.