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Thanks For Coming

Thanks For Coming

Just over two months ago, we unveiled the world’s first polystyrene pop-up shop at Westfield Sydney.

Inspired by Issey Miyake’s experimentation with synthetic materials and designed in consultation with architect Michael Flynn, the installation was custom made from recyclable, high density polystyrene and was the first of its kind in the world. 

The project was borne out of Sorry Thanks I Love You’s signature experimental approach to creating positive experiences and inspiring moments of happiness. As our collaborations with the world’s best artists, chefs and yoga teachers attest, we’re always questioning what a shop (and it’s fit-out) can do and be.

The pop-up was conceptualised as part installation, part sculpture and part playground. It was the first time a “shop” had ever been made entirely out of foam - which meant there was no telling how it would evolve.

 As we watched our visitors interact with the installation, and saw its crisp, clean lines start to warp as people stroked and played with this irresistibly tactile material, we decided to speed up the evolution. 

For the final two weeks of the pop-up, we called on Sydney-based artist and long-time friend Claus Stangl to transform the installation into a dynamic, hypercolour sculpture. Armed with handsaw, chisel, brush and acrylic paints, Stangl carved, crumbled, reshaped and painted the foam installation over a series of live in-store artist sessions, embracing the chaos of his environment, and the new medium, as he worked.



Organic, porous and completely unique, the sculpture was described by visitors as a giant eruption, an urban coral reef, an ancient, fluro rockface - and also a ‘best in class’ example of what a pop-up can look like.

The project acted as a landing pad for the newest work arriving from our existing fashion and design partners in Tokyo over the course of the summer - which meant the pop-up was transformed on a weekly basis.  New collections from Bao Bao Issey Miyake, sulvam, Pleats Please, Klasica and Tsumori Chisato were all hosted by the everchanging, brightly coloured sculpture.

With the Westfield project concluded, the 100% recyclable installation has been factory-converted into insulation by a certified EPS recycler.

This project might be over, but there’s plenty more to come in 2019. 

Thanks to everyone who visited and took part in this world-first project.  Find out what’s coming next by following @sorrythanksiloveyou on Instagram.


Images: Andrew Braithwaite