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Tsumori Chisato Quilted Silk Bomber Jacket

Made in Japan


“There’s a childish element to it,” says Tsumori Chisato “but I don’t care. I’m free.” Every Tsumori Chisato collection is a travel journal of the designer’s adventures, and her most recent sojourn was a week-long jaunt to Cairo.  Instead of ink on paper, Tsumori uses luxury textiles, embroidery, sequins and hand drawn watercolour on silk to document her adventures.

Tsumori Chisato

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Tsumori Chisato’s grip over the world’s fashion elite might be breathtaking, but underneath it all is a technicolour print-obsessed Japanese girl without a pen licence. Tsumori Chisato learnt her trade under none other than Issey Miyake, who eventually encouraged her to start her own line in Paris in 2003.  Thanks to a cult following around the world, vintage Tsumori Chisato garments are coveted as lustily as the new season pieces that sell out within minutes in Tokyo.


Gift wrapped
Hand embroidered
Dry clean only


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