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Sulvam Purple Rose Knit

Made in Japan

No Rules

Teppei Fujita's dream highschool is genderless and teacherless - and this knit is as close as one would get to a uniform. Fujita delveops every fabric from scratch himself – a hang-up from his Yohji days -  and his oversized, lurid almost-kitsch knits are quickly becoming a signature.  A protégé of Yohji Yamamoto, the master of Japanese tailoring, Teppei Fujita’s work plays on his background as a pattern-maker, celebrating visible seams, untrimmed cotton and raw finishes.


More Info

When Teppei Fujita launched his label Sulvam at Paris Fashion Week in 2014, there was collective intake of breath from the industry. Luckily, as Vogue put it, his collection “justifies the hype.” This marks his Australian debut.



Gift wrapped
Medium fit


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