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Unique Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, Handmade Jewellery

Our handmade jewellery range is the work of established makers around the globe like Dinosaur Designs, Venesa Arizaga, and Lucy Folk, as well as up-and-coming designers like Stephanie Said, Elodie Darwish, Joao Vaz and Claire Naa.

With aesthetics ranging from the abstract to the provocative, our collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, is a heady cocktail of precious metals, pearls, irreverent resin and sparkling stones.

There are one-off necklaces from Dinosaur Designs, who are still famous for their chunky designer jewellery after 30 years of explosive growth, and Claire Naa’s sterling silver origami pendant necklaces which have been described as some of the most unique jewellery in Paris.

Pure silver stack rings from Melbourne’s Elodie Darwish sit alongside pieces from the queen of outrageous handmade jewellery, Lucy Folk, who concocts 18 carat lobster legs, douses Doritos in precious metals and decorates her fingers and toes with miniature crocheted pineapples and hams.

There are tongue-in-cheek charm bracelets from Venesa Arizaga and glittering bangles from Portuguese maker Joao Vaz – an artist completely committed to making work that reaches for the extraordinary. Stephanie Said’s exploration in oxidised silver and geometry is designer jewellery re-imagined.

Dinosaur Designs’ classic drop and stud earrings complement Joao Vaz’s technique-driven acrylic creations.

Our range is always changing, and many of our pieces are made in limited numbers, because we believe that the things that are made by hand and have a story a to tell are the things that are worth giving.

We know that discovering the story behind something gives it a new dimension, and sharing this story is what makes giving interesting. That’s why everything you see on this website will come to you with a note explaining the story behind its painstaking creation.

Whether it’s sculpted in wax by hand and carefully hollowed out, cast from a secret resin recipe and polished, or beaded by hand in New York, every piece in our unique jewellery collection is a lesson in patience and has an intriguing story to tell.