Unique Gifts, Cool Gifts, Unusual Gifts

Sorry Thanks I Love You brings together unique design, fresh flowers, gourmet food and craft beverages from around the world. Everything you see has been painstakingly designed or made by hand, and every piece has a story to tell.

We’ve sourced a mix of rare, handmade creations, partnered with boutique florists who can provide fresh, high quality flowers, and found a selection of the world's most delicious food, champagne and spirits and put them together in a custom-designed online space to make the giving of unique gifts easier.

We’ve partnered with established makers like Dinosaur Designs, Marimekko, and Rains, as well as up-and-coming, small scale designers like New York-based artists Malfatti and Fredericks & Mae, French tech-carpenters Orée, and Melbourne’s Lucy Folk. Across the entire range there’s an emphasis on high quality and the handmade, which makes for a collection of unusual gifts – assuming, of course, you can bear to part with them.

For those who are firm believers in craft spirits and small batch wines as the pinnacle of cool gifts, there are rare wines, whiskies and other spirits sourced by Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther - one of only three Australians to hold this prestigious title.

Rather than hooking up with an existing large-scale flower relay operation, we’ve formed our own partnerships with carefully chosen boutique florists around the country to create a tight network of high grade, artistically minded florists. All of them believe in the importance of sourcing the freshest flowers to create unique flowers (which in many cases means flying them in directly) and have an eye for the unusual.

Handpainted kokeshi dolls, miniature clothing from ex-Monte Carlo Opera costume designer Lucien Zazou, and tiny alpaca wool pieces from UK label Waddler make for disarmingly unusual gifts for those gearing up for their first ever celebration.

Everything you see on this website will come to you gift wrapped free of charge with a note explaining the inevitably intriguing story behind its creation.

To say that cheeses from award-winning fromagier Bruny Island Cheese Company, or fillets of smoked Tasmanian salmon make unique gifts is putting it mildly. But we believe that the things that are made by hand and have a story a to tell are the things that are worth giving.