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Original Dark 70% Hot Chocolate – Mörk

Adults Only

Swedish Sophistication

In a decade where the major player on the hot beverage menu is the babycinno, it’s a rare pleasure to come across a chocolate beverage that caters strictly to an adult palette. Combining pure Venezuelan cacao liquor, Javanese coconut blossom sugar and cocoa powder, Mörk’s original hot chocolate blend stares single origin coffee squarely in the eye and raises it one. While there’s the tiniest hint of roasted marshmellow nostalgia amongst its pungent clouds of chocolate steam, at 70% Mörk is a dark, adults-only luxury.


The work of a chocolatier and expert coffee roaster from Melbourne via Sweden, Mörk is the first true bean-to-cup hot chocolate experience this country has seen. Meet them in our journal.

Ingredients: cocoa powder, coconut blossom sugar, cacao liquor (cacao paste) 


Gift wrapped
Gluten free
May contain traces of dairy


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