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The Gift Series

A present every month or quarter

New Best Friend

This premium gift subscription lets you surprise a friend (or yourself) with a present from our ever-evolving range of gourmet food, craft beverages, fresh flowers and handmade accessories on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The first instalment in The Gift Series might be a bottle of Japanese whisky, while in March a hand-stitched leather bag might arrive from Paris, and June could bring a hamper of gourmet cheeses, handmade chocolates or some fresh Tasmanian caviar.

More Info

Each gift is valued at $100 on average and you can kick off the subscription at any time. You can elect to receive a prospectus email prior to each installment and choose your preference from three different options, or keep the contents of each parcel as a total surprise. We'll always offer the newest additions to our range and can even tailor each month or quarter's gift with a personalised note card. Once we receive your order we'll contact you to find out a bit more about the recipient’s tastes and interests, and offer a selection of pieces accordingly.

For more information about The Gift Series click here or select a frequency from the drop down menu to subscribe immediately.


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