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Thank you Gifts

For reasons too numerous to define, saying thanks can either be awkward, treacherous, or worst of all, dull. Our collection of thank you gifts consists of unexpected pieces designed to help you transcend the pedestrian and the sub-par.
We’ve curated a selection of unique handmade design and accessories, fresh flowers, gourmet food and craft beverages to make saying thanks more interesting.

Gourmet hampers compiled of award-winning cheeses, Tasmanian salmon, trout and caviar, and small gourmet creations from artisan producers in Tasmania and beyond take the traditional thank you to the next level, while Master Sommelier Sebastian Crowther’s selection of rare whiskies, spirits and small batch wines are rare enough to drop a seasoned sommelier’s jaw.

Rather than hooking up with an existing large-scale flower relay operation, we’ve formed our own partnerships with carefully chosen boutique florists around the country to create a tight network of high grade, artistically minded florists. Just give them a colour palette, flower type or, best of all, free rein and let them riff.

Unexpected inventions are the kings of thank you gifts, which is why Orée’s custom built wooden keyboards and hand forged deer antler knives sit alongside waterproof Danish backpacks and concrete rollerball pens.

We know that discovering the story behind something gives it a new dimension, and sharing this story is what makes giving interesting. That’s why everything you see on this website will come to you with a note explaining the story behind its painstaking creation. And every item comes gift wrapped by hand.

We believe that the things that are made by hand and have a story a to tell are the things that are worth giving. It takes a sophisticated creature to think of award-winning cheeses, wooden keyboards and limited edition whiskies as thank you gifts. Become one.