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New Moon Earrings – Momoko Hatano


Wax and Wane

These discs of carefully hand cut, wafer-thin brass threaded through handmade sterling silver hoops add an impossibly regal air to their wearer, and it’s no coincidence. Japanese designer Momoko Hatano’s newest collection quietly celebrates the beauty of almost-imperceptible imperfections in recycled precious metals and perfect proportions.  

Momoko Hatano

In self-confessed awe of its cultural heritage, Japanese designer Momoko Hatano’s newest collection riffs on the crisp white shirt of the jewellery world: the hoop earring. Originally trained as a painter in Sydney, Momoko’s specialty is the natural progression of her art, her career in jewellery borne from her drawing skill. Completely hand fabricated, her work is elegant and quietly fierce - sometimes simultaneously. So is she. Meet her in our journal.


Sterling silver

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