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Orange, White & Red Wine Three Pack

In partnership with P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants

Three Cheers

This three pack of mixed natural wines curated by P&V Wine + Liquor Merchant includes:

- Balmy Nights White 2019
- Animale Amber Gris 2019
- Chouette Revival Grenache 2019

Balmy Nights White 2019

Produced from the unusual white grape variety schonburger, this is a bright, vivacious, crunchy white wine of electric acidity, with lemon on green apple tang and a little savoury nuttiness underneath. Easy drinking and summery but with a little extra under the hood, it's from a happy vineyard in the Hunter Valley. Cool gear.

Animale Amber Gris 2019

From the Yarra Valley and from the grape variety pinot gris,this is a skin fermented orange-ish/rose-ish wine of immense drinkability, citrusy freshness, peachy fruitiness, light skinsy chewiness and general sense of good times. Animale is one of those ranges that leap from shelves into bags straight to home and into glass. Magic. 

Chouette Revival Grenache 2019

From older, organic vines in Swan Valley, Western Australia, this is a seriously good red wine. It's all perfumed and pretty but with more grunt in the palate, yet still holds massive freshness, a light dusting of spice, and a fleshy, juicy feel that yells at you to drink it with gusto. While it's a wine that can be chugged with glee, it'll go as well out of tumblers as it will in a fancy glass. Indeed, it kinda drinks like wines double its price. A wine that marries a wild streak with finesse.


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P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants

We've partnered with a group of Sydney hospitality legends to curate a one-of-a-kind boutique spirits and wine offering. Mike Bennie is a full time, freelance wine and drinks writer and presenter. Lou establishes, manages and helps fine tune multiple drinking venues. Jake and Kenny hold down their business at Mary’s, Lansdowne Hotel and Unicorn Hotel. Together they've curated the country's best collection of Australian and imported natural wines, local and craft beers, and unique, artisan spirits.

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