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Mister Bitters Fig and Cinnamon Bitters

The extra layer you’re looking for

Stir things up

Using the sweetness from dried figs, the spice from cinnamon and clove, and the bitterness from gentian, this fig and cinnamon bitters is a delicious dark and bittersweet additive that brings a touch of Christmas into any cocktail. This bitters works amazingly with any whisky, Cognac or rum-based cocktail. Try it in a classic Old Fashioned, or whip it up into a sour cocktail for a lovely spicy twist.

More Info

Mister Bitters

Mister Bitters is Australia's first bitters company based in Melbourne, created thanks to the mutual love of bitters of the guys behind Lily Blacks cocktail bar and OnlyBitters.com. Together, they wanted to create a greater Australian presence in the global bitters culture.



Bottle height: 140mm

Bottle width: 45mm

Bottle Length: 45mm

Volume: 100ml

Weight: 20gm

Ingredients: Water, alcohol, fig, cinnamon, spices

Made in: Australia

ABV: 39%

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