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Messina Dulce de Leche

Preorder for despatch by Friday 13 December

Just a spoonful

Anyone who has ever tasted any of Messina’s caramel gelato concoctions will understand the gravity and joy of what is contained within this jar.  After countless hours of experimentation, trips to Argentina, the acquisition of enormous and expensive equipment and impossibly brutal taste testing, the chefs at Gelato Messina created what is arguably the most iconic and tear-inducing dulce de leche in Australia. Normally only found swirled gooily through Messina’s perfect gelato (it’s the ‘caramel’ in their Yoghurt Caramel – among others), it’s now available in jar format – and we’re one of the few places in the world you can find it.

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Gelato Messina

To describe Gelato Messina as Australia’s authority on all things ice cream is putting it extremely mildly.  Messina take their gig so seriously that they don’t buy any of their ingredients: they make them. This means owning an entire dairy to supply their own creamy jersey milk, and hand making entire apple pies simply to throw them straight into the churners – pastry and all.

Ingredients: Hazelnuts, cocoa, sugar 





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