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Maison Labiche Enchantee Sweater

Democratic Pricing

What is Democratic Pricing?

Our procurement isn’t perfect, but our mission is to act as a launchpad for the most creative and meticulous work in the world. Rather than labelling work as ‘last season' and stipulating huge discounts on unique creations based on abstract calendar rules, instead we’ve created a system called Democratic Pricing - where we invite you to choose from three discounts on a selection of items in our range.  Every piece is new and untouched. For more information about Democratic Pricing, click here.

Lost in Translation

Maison Labiche’s snuggly, understated sweater does the hard part for you. While the Maison Labiche label was originally designed for the sexy-et-sympa Frenchgirl set, their penchant for quality cotton, endearingly Euro phrases, and schoolgirl threadwork have also won the hearts of kawaii and punk fanatics all over the world.

Maison Labiche



More Info

Parisienne down to the stubs of their lipstick-smudged cigarettes, Jenny Richard and Marie Welte have enrobed some of the biggest names in their loose-fitting, hand embroidered shirts. 




55% pays the designer for their work.

65% covers the designer’s work and some of our operational costs.

75% covers the designer’s work, and almost half of our operational costs.

100% covers the designer’s work, all of our operational costs, supports the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer hospital and pays for cultural and community projects like free in store yoga, tastings and artistic collaborations and events.

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