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Loco Love Chocolate Gift Box

Sneaky vegan

Fools Gold

Loco Love’s small batch, artisanal chocolate has even hardline purists fooled, and incites that universal expression of joy that can only be caused by a rich, complex chocolate.  Though it tastes like a proper vice should, this ‘chocolate’ is actually vegan, gluten-free and devoid of any refined sugar.  Handmade from medicinal spices and superfoods and naturally sweetened with coconut blossom nectar, this is chocolate on which your hippy yoga teacher pal and her conservative, blue-collar uncle will both gleefully gorge.

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Loco Love

Emica Penkilis is the ultimate Byron Bay slashy. Former model, naturopath, nutritionist and, most recently, chocolatier, Emica is obsessed with making healthy chocolate that doesn’t compromise on any other front.


Wild orange ganache
Wild rose ganache
Peanut butter
Hazelnut praline
Salted caramel crunch
Black cherry & raspberry
Butter caramel pecan
Salted macadamia
Coconut & cashew


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