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Klasica 1990 Hoodie



It’s no exaggeration to describe this piece as the hoodie of all hoodies.  It extends well below the waist, is woven from the perfect light blend of cotton and linen, fitted with oversized paneled pockets, and finished with a tidy, thick cord around the hood which can be pulled to escalate the snug factor.  Cotton and linen-obsessed, Kohei Kawamura makes every single piece in the Klasica range with his own two hands, and only presents a collection after months of experimentation with his fabrics du jour. 

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Klasica is a one-man band based out of Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Growing up in a seaside town in Hokkaido fabricating tiny clothes for his GI Joe led to Kohei’s contnuing fascination with uniforms and the invisible art of tailoring. Taking inspiration from ‘classic’ garments throughout history and from all over the world, Kohei’s work nonetheless channels decidedly Japanese silhouettes and is intentionally minimalist, unisex and soft on the skin.



Gift wrapped
Cotton/linen blend


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