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Yoga By Donation at Sorry Thanks I Love You

Yoga By Donation at Sorry Thanks I Love You

One of Sorry Thanks I Love You’s hallmarks is to experiment with the idea of what a shop can do or be, and to use our spaces in creative ways – especially after dark.

In this vein, we’ve offered free yoga classes in our stores for the past three years. What started as a one-off project with non-profit surf community OneWave has evolved to become a weekly class at 6pm on Mondays – open to all levels, with mats provided and beginners particularly welcome.

If you’ve ever attended a class, you’ll know why they book out in 20 minutes.  Backed by Broadsheet, Time Out and the Sydney Morning Herald, our free yoga has developed something of a cult following.

Sorry Thanks I Love You Yoga: A History

Originally partnering with the legendary Namaste Bitches, we’ve since worked with some of Sydney’s best yoga teachers including: Kate Butchart, Jacqui Zhao, Mirri Leven, Kathy Cogill, Alex Ball and Gloria Chiumento. In fact, Gloria first started practicing yoga at one of our classes and went on to become a fully qualified teacher in the same year.  

Sorry Thanks I Love You yoga classes are centred around improving mental health through movement, and are part of our mission to build communities in the CBD by nurturing relationships and inspiring moments of happiness. We’ve offered more than three thousand students a free yoga class and many of them have formed tight friendships with each other – and us. “Yoga has improved my global wellbeing and decreased my stress levels,” explained one regular yogi when we asked how our class impacts them.  “There is a beautiful initiative behind it, the different teachers are great and the spirit of the class is special,” said another. And another simply: “It’s completely transformed my life.”

This is why our 23 mats are booked out in a flash every week and the waitlist on the door often stretches to 15 names long. And this is also why we’re introducing a brand new yoga project this year.

Yoga at Sorry Thanks I Love You in 2019

Beginning in April, we’ll be offering a new ‘Yoga By Donation’ class in our Sydney store on Wednesday nights at 6pm.  This class will be in addition to our free Monday night class and will be raising funds for our Random Acts of Kindness partner integrated cancer hospital Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

To help facilitate the classes we’re delighted to be adding one of Sydney’s most in-demand yoga teachers to our stable: Mischa Gomez.  Mischa is a full time teacher at Redfern’s Humming Puppy and has worked on yoga community projects all over Sydney.  She’ll be joining our crew of generous, humble and expert teachers: Jacqui Zhao, Mirri Leven and Alex Ball. 

All money raised at our By Donation classes will be donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s counselling service.  The Lifehouse is an integrated cancer hospital that combines world class surgical, chemotherapy and radation treatment with research and trial programs, professional psychological services, dietetics, and complementary treatments like acupuncture, massage and yoga.

Every year the Lifehouse psychologists see thousands of patients, carers, families and friends to develop mental strength in the face of cancer. This is a free service for patients and carers, but as a not-for-profit entity the department is funded entirely by donations.  In our experience having a strong mind is a key determinant to dealing with cancer, so our goal with our new Yoga By Donation classes is to raise enough money every week for someone affected by cancer to attend a session with a psychologist.

If every student donates $10 per class, this will be possible.

Our first Yoga By Donation class will kick off on Wednesday 3 April at 6pm in our heritage listed store at No 1 Martin Place. Mats will be provided, beginners are welcome and registrations are essential.  Bookings for both our By Donation and free classes open a fortnight in advance on Eventbrite.

We hope you’ll join us this year in finding zen on some of the oldest parquetry and most unique surrounds in Sydney. 


Sorry Thanks I Love You yoga is hosted at:

Sorry Thanks I Love You
Ground Floor, No 1 Martin Place

To shotgun your mat at our first ever Yoga By Donation class, click here.

Our free yoga classes are booked out for the next two weeks. To be kept abreast of yoga updates and news, follow us on Instgram and Facebook.

If you can’t make yoga but would like to donate directly to Lifehouse, please click here.