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Winter Escapes

Winter Escapes


Spritzes in Italy, banana cream tart in San Francisco, and long nights soaking in Japanese onsens… With the arrival of the winter solstice, we speak to some of the designers and makers behind our range about their favourite winter escapes. 


Jewellery designer, Melbourne


Where in the world is your ultimate winter escape?


Best way to while away the afternoon while you’re there?

A long lazy lunch in bathers drinking rose and swimming between courses!

What must be packed in the suitcase?

As much as I can fit! I have not perfected the art of packing. Which is crazy considering I live out of a suitcase.

Beverage of choice at said destination?

Spritz if in Italy or Campari and Soda. I like to err on the bitter side with drinks. I do love a Margarita too.

Best album to get you in the mood?

My friend Sunday made me the ultimate Summer mix called Sunbaker…



Jewellery designer, New York

Where in the world is your ultimate winter escape?

Rincon, Puerto Rico! Warm water and sunshine 365 days a year.

The only place to stay is ….

La Casa Paraiso, a beautiful bed and breakfast situated on a lush mountain valley overlooking the ocean.  


The one must-visit restaurant/eating place is...

Dos Gellego, an authentic Galician restaurant serving the best Pulpo in the world.

The most important thing to pack is...

My two dogs!!!



The Husk Mill, Sydney

Where in the world is your ultimate winter escape?

San Francisco, CA

What’s there that can’t be found anywhere else in the world?

It's hard to describe... It is just a perfect mix of everything great. The food, the people, the culture, the scenery... it just makes you feel alive. 


Essential carry on luggage to get you there?

A great camera and some good shoes so you can explore all of those rolling hills and vintage stores.

Must-visit restaurant/eating place and dish of choice?

Tartine Bakery & Café : The banana cream tart is honestly the best thing I've ever tasted!



Jewellery designer, Sydney


Where in the world is your ultimate winter escape?

A traditional Ryokan somewhere in Japan, deep in the mountains. I stayed at one at the bottom of mount Fuji which was amazing...

The only thing to eat while you’re there is… the local food prepared for you in the Ryokan - like grilled fish, wagyu beef, hot miso soup, yummy pickles and tempura made from locally sourced vegetables from the mountains.

Spend the night…

In the Onsen - which is big hot bath tapped from the surrounding volcanic springs.

When you close your eyes, all you can hear is…

The snow falling and the sound of the water of the hot springs. 



Anonymous Ism

Where in the world is your favourite winter travel destination?

Chatan town in Okinawa.

Where do you stay when you go there?

I have some homies there so that I stay their place.

Must-order at must-visit restaurant?

There's a cafe/diner called "Timeless Chocolate" which specializes Bean to Bar Chocolate food and drinks. Their Cacao bean juice is so gnarly.

Don't forget your...

Skateboard. The night sesh with local skaters is always good!