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Hello Drinks Trolley

Hello Drinks Trolley

We’ve just restocked our whisky coffers and are celebrating with a handful of winter whisky cocktail recipes, courtesy of some of the best bars, izakayas and hotels in the world. 


Mr Fingers

San Francisco’s Pabu is almost painfully cool. In the spirit of the yakuza, (Japan’s mafia-style crime gang) its six Japanese whisky cocktails are printed on a menu that stays firmly hidden in an empty Hibiki bottle behind the bar, which means only the staff and a few savvy locals know it’s even there.

The Mr Fingers cocktail is named after the prosthetic expert employed by the yakuza to replace the fingers that they chopped off their junior gang members as punishment.  It’s made with Iwai blended whiskey, rooibos tea, Campari and Aperol.


Corpse Reviver #86

Melbourne’s Jimmy Burchett has made mixology his life’s work.  After a stint as head bartender at Ugly Duckling, he’s now found at Boilermaker House – home to Australia’s largest whiskey collection. He describes the Corpse Reviver as the perfect way to start the morning or round off a big night. Hear hear.

30mL Starward Malt Whisky
30mL Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
10mL Maidenii Dry Vermouth
15mL Blood Orange Shrub
10mL Fresh pressed lemon juice
2 dashes of absinthe

Combine all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker.

Half fill your shaker with ice and while you have the ice handy, grab a coupette for your end product and chill it down with aforementioned ice.

Seal your shaker and shake the heck out of it for four seconds.

Ditch the ice from your coupette and double strain your drink into the vessel.

Garnish with a dehydrated blood orange.

Black Pearl's Artist's Special

Melbourne bars love to get behind a local, and Fitzroy’s Black Pearl is no exception.  It’s not just the cocktails that are top grade at Black Pearl, it’s everything – including the sausage rolls that allegedly turned a bartender against vegetarianism.  Their Artist’s Special is a fruity tribute to a local distillery, Starward.

45ml Starward Whisky
45ml dry sherry
15ml lemon juice
15ml cranberry syrup

Shake all ingredients with ice.  Fine strain into a chilled coup, serve immediately.

Shimamoto Sour 

Sydney’s Toko is one of the city’s best-loved Japanese restaurants. Their twist on the classic whisky sour is a glorious fusion of summer and winter – though it requires a bit of preparation.

45ml apricot infused Iwai whisky
5ml absinthe
30ml lemon juice
15ml honey and camomile syrup

Shake and double strain over chipped ice.  Garnish with 3 drops angostura bitters and a drunken apricot (removed from infusion)


Iwai and Starward whiskies are available in limited release now.