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What Is Sorry Thanks I Love You Anyway?

We’ve never considered Sorry Thanks I Love You as a retail project.


Image: Martin Place store


In Sydney, we’ve curated a mash-up of unique design, cutting edge fashion, gourmet food, jewellery, accessories, fresh flowers and boutique spirits and wines from all over the world and put them in two locations: No 1 Martin Place, and Westfield Sydney.


But we also use these spaces to pursue our loftier goals of nurturing relationships and inspiring moments of happiness.


Image: yoga / no 1


That means we do things like host yoga classes twice a week after dark, fill our spaces with enormous oil paintings to transform our spaces into art galleries, and partner with Australian Gourmet Traveller’s favourite chefs and sommeliers to create Australia’s best Christmas larder…


Image: Yoga


Image: Marc Horowitz


Image: Gourmet Traveller at The Rocks (either store or party)


Not to mention the Tasmanian cheese tastings, single malt whisky sessions, and natural wine tastings that happen on the reg.


Image: wine tasting at No 1


Our team has experienced cancer firsthand and believes that a strong mind is one of the key determinants in dealing with it, so we work hard to raise funds for the psychology service at integrated cancer hospital Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.


Image: City to Surf- group from behind tshirts shot


We’ve hosted an art raffle with Allie Webb to do so, and in August this year we rallied together a team of 20 bandits to run 13km from Hyde Park to Bondi Beach – raising a lazy $5k while doing so.


Our emphasis is on handmade, beautifully designed pieces that tell a story, and our concept is built around the reasons why people give.  


Image: close up product shot


We work with a mix of expert designers, like Issey Miyake, Veja and Tsumori Chisato as well as underground artists like Sulvam, Momoko Hatano and Dogboy. They work from studios all over the world - from Tokyo to Tasmania.


But we don’t believe in “end-of-season” sales because we think they devalue the integrity of an artist’s work.


Image: Close up product shots (Mykita, Tsumori)


So instead we’ve implemented a system called Democratic Pricing, where we invite our visitors to nominate what they’d like to pay on a mix of our brand-new arrivals, the work of some of our most popular and best-loved designers, and even the pieces we typically sell out of.


Image: Democratic Pricing sign or rack at No 1


We’re always challenging what exactly can and cannot be done within a traditional ‘retail’ setting, which is we built the world’s first pop-up polystyrene store, as a tribute to the master experimenter Issey Miyake…


Image: Pop-up on Level 3


And then asked a local artist to take to it with chisel and paint, and transform it into a dynamic, hypercolour sculpture.


Image: Claus sculpture shots


And it’s also why we planted a miniature ecosystem of plants, moss and rocks in the middle of Sydney’s busiest shopping centre to launch Veja’s first ever Australian pop-up space.


Images: Veja pop-up


Sorry Thanks I Love You is the work of a small team in Sydney and we measure our success based on the positive influence we have on the people around us. We’re not finished yet.


Image: Lily and Mo at No 5.




Visit Sorry Thanks I Love You in Sydney at:


Ground Floor, No 1 Martin Place, Sydney


Level 4, Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall, Sydney


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Or join us for yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights here.