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Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

Rather than participating in an existing large-scale flower relay operation, we’ve formed our own partnerships with carefully chosen boutique florists around the country to create a tight network of high grade, artistically minded florists.

All of them believe in the importance of sourcing the freshest, highest quality flowers (which in many cases means flying them in to their region directly) and have an eye for the unique and unusual.

Kye Carqueville, the founder of Whitehouse Flowers in Manly, is one such florist.

After a few short years of experience following the completion of his studies in floristry, Kye started his own business at the age of 20. Since then he’s won a host of awards and become one of the most successful florists in Sydney’s north.

Much of this success is undoubtedly due to the Whitehouse aesthetic, though Kye insists it all comes down to the quality of his product.

“We truly carry the highest quality of the freshest flowers,” says Kye. “Going to market three times a week and clearing our stand every two days is something we are proud of. Our stock is the freshest it can be and we love being able to say that to customers."

Rather than fostering a signature style, Kye and his team are learning animals who love nothing better than playing with colours and textures. “Our style varies from grouped, clean lines to varying textural and organic forms.  We don’t like to box ourselves in as we truly enjoy exploring different floral and tonal combinations,” he says.

Between them, Kye and his team foster a special love for slipper orchids (for their sculptural form), ranunculus (for their delicate layers) and hydrangeas (for their classic shape).

If there’s one thing the amateur home florist can never quite nail, it’s creating a bouquet that’s perfectly balanced. So what’s the secret?

“A few words that we consider when crafting any floral piece are: proportions, texture,  balance, contrast, tone and form,” explains Kye.

“We believe that every flower should have purpose in a piece and not just be in there to fill it up. Every element plays an important part in the story.”


Our range of garden, tropical and market bouquets are made and delivered by some of the best florists in the country. Place orders by midday on Tuesday 13 February to guarantee delivery on Valentine’s Day. Click here to shop now.