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Trade Secrets: Flowers at Sorry Thanks I Love You

When it came to building the flower delivery part of Sorry Thanks I Love You, we decided up front that our flowers would need to be four things:

1. Mega fresh
2. Very high quality
3. Arranged simply
4. Delivered anywhere

We realised that if we wanted to control the style, quality and presentation of our flowers – in other words, make sure they looked awesome and came from us - it didn't make sense to connect to any of the big flower relay companies. We needed to do things differently, and so decided to find the best boutique florist in every capital city and build a direct partnership with them instead.

After weeks of research, testing and drilling locals to find the right florist, it dawned on us that there may have been a reason that no one had tried this before. Once we'd narrowed down the search in each city came the meetings, discussions about where the florists sourced their flowers, how far they could deliver and how we could work together.

Our friends at Whitehouse Flowers in Sydney were with us from the very beginning and played an important part in helping us find the right people, learning the right lingo, and developing a range of flowers that would be available in every city all year round. With their help, we eventually settled on oriental lilies, singapore orchids and red roses – on the condition they looked classic, not kitsch.

Given the size of the country and the variation in climate, coming up with a seasonal range of flowers was trickier. In consultation with our new expert friends, we continue to develop and evolve our offering. This spring it's hyacinth, sweet peas and glorious cymbidium orchids.

Given the calibre of our florists (they seem to win a swag of design awards or are household names) we decided it was also sensible to offer a 'designer bouquet' option, allowing our florists to create seasonal, one-of-a-kind bouquet with or without direction from the customer. Similarly, our 'pick of the day' option is a bouquet of whatever was the freshest at that morning's market.   The cost of delivery is built in to the price of each arrangement to avoid our pet hate: rude surprises at check out.

We're now set up with a boutique florist in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Hobart – all of whom offer same day delivery, and can also deliver to regional areas.  Our set up means that our flowers are always fresh, high quality, assembled with care and have long and happy vase lives.