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Total Immersion. Our Sixth Random Act of Kindness.

Total Immersion. Our Sixth Random Act of Kindness.

When you describe it, everybody knows it.  Some call it flow.  Others, total immersion.  When you’re concentrating on a task so fully that you lose consciousness to everything outside the realm of your focus.  That feeling of waking up without any idea of how long you’ve been at it… We call it getting lost.

This Father's Day, we’ve partnered with new makers and artists who have created things to help us get lost.  Because as far as presents go, we think it’s hard to beat that feeling.

We’ve sourced headphones from New York that are nicknamed ‘thinking caps’ and have been designed specifically to encourage people to escape to their own private worlds, and flat packed kayaks designed for lake and harbour exploration. We know that getting lost can happen in the workshop, at the eighth kilometer, or in the detail of a new project, and we’ve found hand turned screwdrivers, leather key fobs and wireless wooden technology to help make that happen.

For Grant Trelbico, the soft spoken Kiwi founder of OneWave, getting lost happens in the surf.

OneWave is a non-profit surf community tackling depression, anxiety and bipolar with a simple recipe; salt-water, surfing and good mates. 

After being diagnosed with bipolar, Grant found that it was being in the ocean, sitting on his surfboard and talking about his depression with his Dad and his mates that actually made him think that things could get better. 

Fluro Fridays, OneWave’s signature free weekly event, were conceived from this small but important pearl of wisdom.

Starting just before sunrise, Fluro Fridays incorporate free surfing and yoga lessons, swimming, cups of tea and the chance for everyone to catch up, chat, and check that each other is ok. 

As volunteer yoga teacher Lucy Le Messurier Scott of Namaste Bitches explains, the mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’ elements of yoga are excellent ways to help with mental health.

“Yoga really encourages you to be 'you'…To be happy with exactly where you are right now. To accept your body and your mind and not compare and contrast yourself to others. It helps calm the body and mind,” Lucy explains. 

“Personally, I find it makes me happier and more open about myself and to life. Having juggled with mental health problems most of my life, it's only in more recent years since I started doing regular yoga and became a teacher that I've noticed a tangible difference in my happiness levels. I think when you're feeling happier and have more clarity about yourself, you're more willing to share this with others.”

While originally conceived in Bondi, surfers from beaches around the world have got on board, with Fridays in Bali, Hawaii, New Zealand, California and even Brazil all starting this way.

“It has become this incredible supportive community of people around the world raising awareness for people going through a funk,” Grant explains. 

Just two weeks ago, OneWave raised $50,000 via crowd funding platform Start Some Good to implement special ‘Learn to Surf’ programs designed for mental health clinic patients, and to get over 10,000 people in the water at Fluro Fridays around Australia.

We’ve been working with OneWave as part of our Random Acts of Kindness project since World Mental Health Day last year. After handing out zinc sticks and information cards to help spread the word, we hosted free weekly yoga in our Sydney pop-up shop for three months to encouraging people to limber up and open up.

Last Friday, we headed to Fluro Friday in Bondi to give the guys at OneWave a bunch of fluro orange and yellow Rains jackets, so that we could help Fluro Friday go-ers to get lost amongst the sand, sea and friends, reminding them that it’s ok not to be ok.

Our Random Acts of Kindness project is about working out what it is that people need and then doing our best to give it to them.   And when you hear Grant and Lucy talk about their entirely voluntary mission to help people lose themselves in the surf and in yoga, all in the name of improving their mental health, you’ll want do the same.

“I think when you're feeling happier and have more clarity about yourself, you're more willing to share this with others,” says Lucy. “Sharing and honesty are great foundations on which to build a community. And I believe that yoga can create these connections, this peace, and continue to support and help people dealing with mental health issues.”


 Check out OneWave's website, Facebook page, and Instagram account.