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The Gift Series

This might just be better than your monthly pay check.

Imagine arriving home from work and finding a brown parcel on your doorstep. You unlock the door, put the neatly wrapped parcel on the kitchen table with your bag, and pour yourself a drink while you try to work out what it could be. It's February. You're not expecting anything. Your birthday isn't for months. You gave up on ASOS years ago. But it's definitely addressed to you.

Finally, stumped, you sit down, carefully untie the chocolate coloured ribbon, and tear the paper open.

Inside, wrapped in white tissue, you find the softest, finest cashmere wrap you've ever touched. On the small brown note card that falls out of the parcel you read that it was hand woven by local craftsmen in Kashmir and that the persimmon coloured edging on the scarf is a traditional embroidered selvedge.

Or perhaps you find a sleek, full grain buffalo leather ipad sleeve from France, studded with brass buttons that snap satisfyingly as you press them closed. Or an enormous box of fresh, handmade chocolates filled with creamy ganaches, fruits and nuts. Or maybe it's a smooth resin bangle from Dinosaur Designs' new range – one you've been coveting but that hasn't hit the shops yet.

You look and feel and touch and taste some more, and then eventually notice a second brown card with your name written on it.

'This is the first edition of the Gift Series,' it reads. And then, underneath it is a note from your best friend.

The Gift Series is Sorry Thanks I Love You's new premium gift subscription. It's like a magazine subscription on steroids: instead of a magazine, you receive a unique, handmade gift on your doorstep every month or quarter.

Each item is selected from our ever-changing range of handmade accessories, gourmet food, craft beverages and fresh, boutique flowers. And just like a magazine subscription, you can choose to subscribe for yourself, or give the subscription to a friend.

This is how it works: you choose whether the subscription is for a male or a female, and decide whether you want it to be delivered monthly or quarterly. Then you decide roughy what value you'd like each present to be. You could choose a present around the $50 mark to be delivered monthly, or go all out and choose the $300 per quarter option. Or just land somewhere in between.

Next you decide whether you want to choose the gift yourself from a choice of three options sent in an email 24 hours before each gift is freighted. Maybe the subscription is for your notoriously fussy sister, so you err on the side of caution and ask to receive the options email every month. Or maybe you know your girlfriend will embrace the mystery and be excited about whatever's inside the box.

Finally, you choose whether you want to include a personalised note with each gift. This means you can include a happy birthday note with May's gift, an apology note in August (potentially) and a Merry Christmas note for December. You get to come up with the words yourself every time – or you can bypass this part and just let the presents do the talking.

Once you've hit submit you become an instant hero: someone who's ahead of the game, exposing your friend to the most unique, interesting or delicious finds from around the world – time and time again.

Because we're always on the hunt for new world-class distillers, providores and artisan designers, not even we know what will be going in the next Gift Series box. All we know is that it's certain to be new, unique, of the highest quality and have an interesting story behind it – one we'll always share with the recipient.

Our current partners include New York-based accessories label Hook + Albert, Finnish design house Marimekko, French boutique jewellery designer Claire Naa, the Nant Distilling Company and Bruny Island Cheese Company, and we're about to add a few more international names to our ranks.

We're excited about the Gift Series because there's nothing of its kind in Australia at the moment. It harnesses modern technology to exemplify your natural generosity.

It's an investment in your friendship that captures what we're all about: reigniting a culture of giving.


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