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The Best of Instagram

A person’s instafeed is, undeniably, a reflection of their character – and it’s never too late to cultivate. Below are some of our favourite grammers because they let Instagram be what it’s meant to be: a tiny window to the rest of the world. 

1. @animateny

Illustrator Eliska Podzimkova scours Instagram for epic photos of NYC and adds her own touch of the absurd. 

2. @macenzo

Dutch graphic designer Dirk Bakker has a knack for finding patterns, colour blocks and reflections in architecture and on the streets of Amsterdam.

3. @thiswildidea

@thiswildidea is Theron Humphrey - the guy behind cult photography blog Maddie on Things.  Maddie is his dog. The things are cars, firemen, bar stools, heads, fence posts.  Bizarre, hilarious and beautifully shot.

4. @outsidemagazine

The thrillseeker’s National Geographic, this account is heavy on outspiration and captures hardcore adventurers in epic, remote locations.   (Best to peruse this one in bed to avoid loathing your morning commute even more.)

5. @cintascotch

Javier Perez uses everyday and 'found' objects to create daily insta-artworks.  

6. @alexprager

American photographer Alex Prager will quirkify your feed with her perfectly framed impromptu morsels and an edit of some of the best exhibitions in LA and NYC.

7. @pozettoparis

Obviously @davidlebovitz is the guy to follow for your daily hit of French food porn, but it’s also worth getting on board the @pozettoparis band wagon as well.  Pozetto is a proper Italian gelato bar and deli in the fourth arrondissement and its proprietors seem to spend most of their time travelling and eating their way through Europe.  Which is fine with us.

8. @anthonylister

Sydney’s homegrown graffiti artist is making waves on the international art scene – both in galleries and on street corners.

9.  @mamotoraman

Tokyo has to be on of the most grammable cities in the world.  Throw @mamatoraman’s weird bike tricks into the mix and you’ve got the perfect Japanese insta account.

10. @whitelightning

Where to start with Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson? She’s the ex-art director at Bon Appetite magazine in New York (which means she dinnergrams like a hero), she’s obsessed with vintage clothes, outfits that match, and bright, loud interiors. She’s now art director at travel magazine Afar in San Francisco and, naturally, makes her own ceramics. 

11. @aquabumps

Hit the surf every morning with incredible Bondi Beach-based underwater photographer and gallery owner Eugene Tan.

12. @jessicawashick

The It girl of New York nail art.

13. @frenchwords

Sometimes simple is best.