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The Best of Airbnb

The Best of Airbnb

Airbnb has shown us how the other half lives in ways we could never imagine. There are more than a million listings on the revolutionary share accommodation site, encompassing everything from treehouses to private islands.  These are our top ten picks.


1. Houseboat, Amstel River, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Martin, the owner of this renovated 1929 ship, is a pretty straightforward guy.  “Boats were built [to] move stuff, not people. If you are taller than 1.85m, you will not be able to stand up straight everywhere.”

Martin has painted the whole interior white, including the galley, and furnished it with slick, modern furniture and a plump beanbag for sunny winter afternoons. (In the summer, guests can swim in the Amstel.)

He’s not big on rules, but he does have one. “Shoes: we ain't Japanese, but prefer if you take off you shoes indoor.”

 $141 per night


2.  Faba’s Castle of Sologne, Loire Valley, France

Faba’s classic French chateau was built in 1610 as the residence of Chancellier Pierre Seguier, the 2IC under Kings Louis XIII.  

Replete with manicured lawns, courtyards, swimming pool, and, naturally, wifi, this castle in the Loire Valley is the real deal – though Faba insists her chateau has a  “laid back philosophy”. The rate remains the same no matter whether two or eight people stay – and don’t worry, the gardener will maintain the grounds and pool. 

$280 per night


3. Headfort House, Meath, Ireland

Designed by the renowned Irish architect George Semple and built from Ardbraccan limestone in 1771, Headfort House is a private preparatory school on the outskirts of Kells. The school sleeps up to 70 in dormitory style accommodation and has six state rooms, including a ballroom, which have been preserved by the World Monument Fund and the Headfort Trust. Much of the original furniture, designed by the Scottish architect Robert Adam to complement his high-minded interiors, is still in place and the estate has “wonderful grounds for hacking, a full cross-country course and a purpose-built outdoor ménage”.  It moonlights as a Montessori school for Irish children aged 3-13. 

$1814 per night


4. Treehouse, Andalusa, Spain

This tiny 'treehut’ is suspended three metres above the ground amongst the treetops to take full advantage of the Sierra Nevada views, and can only be reached by crossing a somewhat dilapidated-looking hanging bridge.  Administered by a mysterious ‘Association’ the accommodation also comes with optional permaculture, landart, yoga, Thai massage, dance, essential oils, bio-construction and sustainability courses.  You can rent a bicycle and ride to one of the nearby waterfalls or arab baths, but there are no shops or banks.  Only tipis.

$45 per night


5. Traditional Korean House, Seoul, South Korea                  

This could well be one of the most intriguing listings on Airbnb. Perusing the 65 photos of this 3 bedroom house reveals a starkly traditional hanok home of folding wooden doors, wardrobes full of sleeping mats, folding furniture… and top-of-the range air con and high-speed internet. Genie’s house is near the presidential residence, “tje most safe area in Seoul”, and his courtyard comes with Korean slippers. The co-founder of Airbnb, Joe Gebbia, stayed in this house in 2013 and Genie hasn’t looked back since.  

$245 per night


6. Igloo, Sulzberg, Austria

 “Not available in summer, although it is not so cold Austria. Thawed, is cheap.” 

$85 per night (though a security deposit of $854 is required)


7. White House, Villa-Oia, Cylcades Isand, Greece

Two levels, three bedrooms, a courtyard jacuzzi, panoramic views over the ocean and volcano from every window, and every surface painted white.  Petros’ place is mega luxe. His bathroom curves into the rockbed and he’s decked it out in marble. He’s furnished every room with antiques and put an olive tree in a white pot by the front door.  That’s how they roll on Cyclades.

$1050 per night


8. All Bamboo House, Abiansemal, Indonesia 

This house is situated in a master-planned community of ‘high-end bamboo villas’, and all four floors, three double bed bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining area and office (on the top floor, don’t worry) really are made from bamboo. Bonus plunge pool and Balinese or self-catered Western breakfast is included in rental.

$443 per night


9. Garden Apartment, Florence Italy 

This place is like walking into an E M Forster novel.  With glass doors that open on to a gigantic garden, Sabina’s apartment is filled with faded crimson striped sofas, baskets full of cushions for lounging around on the lawn, and big bowls of hydrangeas.  There’s also a clawfoot bath, open fireplace and endless supplies of homemade jam, biscuits, seasonal fruit, milk and butter for her guests.  By the sounds of the reviews, nearly all of them go back.

$204 per night


10.Wings Neck Lighthouse, Pocassat, MA, USA 

There are lighthouses, and then there are lighthouses. 

$681 per night