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Teacher Presents

Teacher Presents

 On the eve of school break up, we’ve spoken to three school teachers about the best way to mark the end of term - plus some of the weirdest and most wonderful gifts that have crossed their desks.  


Alfredo Gonzales Pencil Sock Box $90

Camilla, grade two teacher 

“I always love getting a good bottle of sparkling - can’t go wrong with that,” says Camilla. “I also really love getting Christmas decorations from the kids - every year when I put them on the tree I think about that child and what they were like and wonder what they might be doing now.  A little girl called Annabelle gave me our Christmas angel that goes on the top of our tree.  The angel is wearing a tutu and has been repaired a few times - and I always think of Anabelle when I put it up."

"You build such a strong relationship with the kids in your class over the year and put an enormous amount of heart and soul into each of them, so a card acknowledging that from the family is always very touching as well.”

Camilla’s picks:

  1. Jacqueline Evans Body Cream $50
  2. Miellerie Lake Pedder Honey $28
  3. Botanical Signature Hand & Nail Oil $37
  4. Mork Hot Chocolate $25
  5. Savart Champagne $130

Botanical Signature Hand & Nail Serum $37

Sarah, high school history teacher

“I’ve always received lovely presents!  I think weirder presents might happen in primary school,” says Sarah. “Some excellent present suggestions include chocolate or a top shelf whisky.  A massage on the other hand: not appropriate.”

Sarah’s picks:

  1. Wonderland Cool Club Playing Cards $30
  2. Seedlip Spice $49
  3. Dinosaur Designs Wishbone Bangle $55
  4. Iwai Japanese Whisky $120
  5. Loco Love Chocolate Gift Box $40 
  6. Seedlip Spice $49



Georgia, kindergarten teacher.

“I think my favourite present was a book the kids made for me,” says Georgia. “I received a negligee one year… that was creepy.  Being given anti-aging eye cream was also a bit of a downer. I was given a Christmas ornament with the wrong name one year too.  One of my colleagues was given an electric toothbrush last week – the student told her it was because she has yellow teeth! And then there’s the owl candle…”

Georgia’s picks:

  1. Sorry Thanks I Love You Gift Voucher
  2. Dinosaur Designs Moody Blue Wishbone Bangle $55
  3. Maya Sunny Honey Threepack
  4. Paul Marius Sunglasses Wrap $40
  5. Sage & Rose Orbitkey $50

Maya Sunny Honey Threepack $49

Alice, Grade 4 Teacher

“Jewellery can be hit and miss.  Sometimes you’re given things that are beautiful, other times perhaps not very wearable,” says Alice. “I think every teacher has been on the receiving end of a re-gift: the opened hand cream, the candle wrapped with the original gift note still stuck on it…  Presents don’t need to be over the top! And being given a card from someone you taught to write is pretty amazing.”

Alice’s picks:

  1. Soap Club Charcoal Soap $18
  2. Sue Lewis Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Chocolate $10
  3. Andersson Agnes Mug $39
  4. Botanical Signature Rainforest Brew Tea $25
  5. Amanda Testa Tiger Scarf $149


Soap Club Charcoal Soap $18


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