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Easter Delivery - Sydney Night Patrol

Easter Delivery - Sydney Night Patrol

Every night just before 8.30pm, a group of people gather at the top of Martin Place.  Sometimes there are only 20 of them, taking up position on the benches near the Lindt café or around the edges of The Mint building.  Sometimes it’s more like 100, chatting in small groups as the Martin Place banners flap overhead.

While its size might fluctuate, the group is there every night without fail. Everyone here is waiting for the Sydney Night Patrol van.

Run by the St Vincent De Paul Society, the two Sydney Night Patrol vans deliver free meals, hot beverages, snacks, blankets and toiletries to people on the streets of the CBD, seven days a week.  The service is staffed by volunteers and is designed for anyone who needs it – whether it’s people living rough, in unsafe or overcrowded housing, or having a tough time at home.  Just as important as the cups of soup and tea is the conversation, companionship and referral services that the volunteers provide.

With a store just down the street, we see firsthand the work that these guys do.  So this Easter we partnered with Sydney Night Patrol, and thanks to the generosity of the visitors to our Martin Place store, were able to deliver over 200 Easter eggs to the Vinnies HQ in Lewisham yesterday for inclusion in the dinner run on Easter Sunday.   

At the request of the program’s coordinator, we’ll also be donating more specific sundries, like light polar fleece blankets, on an ongoing basis. Some of our team have also registered to volunteer with the service.

This partnership is a part of our Random Acts of Kindness project, which sees us working directly with people and communities to find out exactly what they want and need.  Right now we’re also working with OneWave, a non-profit surf community who provide free surfing and yoga classes on beaches around the world every Friday morning to get people moving and talking about mental health.  In the same spirit, we offer free yoga classes in our Martin Place every Monday from 6-7pm.  The classes are lead by a group of professional yoga teachers called the Namaste Bitches and are designed with non-yoga types in mind.  The classes are laid back, low key and helping to spread the message that it's ok not to be ok.

As Namaste Bitches’ Lucy Le Messurier Scott explains, the teachers always try to give their students a bit 'more' than just a set of stretches and strength exercises, like ‘knowledge about the human body, [and] tangible facts [people] can take away and use in daily life to benefit their mental and physical health.’

Our Random Acts of Kindness project is at the very core of Sorry Thanks I Love You and has been designed to cultivate relationships and inspire moments of happiness.  As the year progresses we’ll continue to work on these projects, as well as other like these, with the same intention.

Thanks for being a part of it.


Our free yoga classes will recommence next Monday at 6pm.  Click here for more details.