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Summer Rituals

Summer Rituals

Summer makes us do some weird stuff.  The Swiss entwine their cows' horns with flowers and parade them through alpine villages. The French insist on carting tonnes of sand in to the centre of Paris to transform the banks of the Seine into a beach. The Japanese make cows and horses out of cucumbers and eggplants and put them on the family alter.

Summer is here, and the rituals are upon us.  Tomorrow is the last day we can send out orders for them to arrive in time for Christmas, so today we’re looking at some of our favourite summer pieces and talking to some of the makers behind our range about their favourite summer traditions.

For Lucy Folk, whose entire jewellery collection is inspired by food, summer revolves around eating. 

Lucy’s latest collection, Sugar, is a frenzy of bright bead clutches inspired by sugar cubes and slinky rainbow bracelets and necklaces made from powdercoated steel. 

When it comes to Christmas, traditional menus go out the window.

“We love to crack open a fresh coconut on a daily basis and we always have mince pies for breakkie on Christmas day,” says Lucy.

Sophie Lovejoy is the brains behind summer-inspired sleepwear label Sant and Abel. All palm trees and bright candy stripes, her pure cotton pyjamas are designed to be worn both inside and outside with the same aplomb.

Sophie’s summers spent are split between the family farm in South Australia and the pristine saltwater lagoons of South Australia’s Coorong, an hour and a half from Adelaide. 

“We spend hours water skiing, having races down the sand dunes, playing cricket and then tightly wrapping ourselves in our beach towels for the freezing boat trip home… or maybe it’s not that freezing, just part of the tradition.”

Our own summer rituals span everything from cross country croquet tournaments, underwater handstand competitions, fishing picnics with obligatory egg and bacon pies, and endless games of darts, jugs of Pimms , cherries and water bombs.

Whether it be extra wide brimmed Panama hats, thick monochrome beach towels from New York, summer party socks or a French linen beach bag, we can ship directly to Christmas trees in capital cities – but only until tomorrow.  Our Sydney and Melbourne pop-up shops will stay open til late on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before they close their doors for good. 

We hope you enjoy the commencement of your own summer rituals, new or old. Thanks for joining us on the ride through 2014.