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sulvam's imaginary highschool

sulvam's imaginary highschool

Sulvam is the work of the streetwear-loving, master tailor-apprentice Teppei Fujita – the award-winning Tokyo-based fashion designer who spent seven years patternmaking under none other than Yohji Yamamoto. 

“Not one word can express what I feel, but I respect Yamomoto enormously. Towards me he was very kind and strict at the same time, more so than anybody else.”

sulvam's AW19 show took place in an empty Parisian gallery transformed into an imaginary classroom with no teachers, genderless students, free-flowing hypercolour drinks, and a plethora of shifty laboratory gear – much of which were large glass hookahs.

“This is the school I wanted to go to,” Fujita has explained.

Featuring Fujita’s signature raw hems, visible linings and billowing threads, the collection has been described as his strongest yet and features fabrics that Fujita develops from scratch himself – a hangover from working with Yamamoto.

In the words of Vogue: “Even when the final looks feel a little unresolved, there’s usually some point of interest in his process. His custom lace was the strongest element here, especially when shown as a standalone blouson or a lab coat–like overlay.”


sulvam’s new collection is being featured at our Westfield Sydney pop-up this week, with the full range available in our Martin Place store. See for yourself at Westfield Sydney, Level 3, Market Street entrance (next to Prada and Miu Miu) and Sorry Thanks I Love You, No 1 Martin Place, Sydney. Selected pieces are available online here.