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Stephanie Said's Scrapbook

Stephanie Said's Scrapbook

After a lengthy stint in high fashion, which started with a gig at Akira Isogawa, Sydney-based designer Stephanie Said turned her hand to precious metals.  Her fascination with hinges and geometry makes for some of the intriguing design in Australia. 

She finds it difficult to define her design aesthetic because her pieces can be interpreted in so many ways... Raw, industrial, steampunk, and futuristic all spring to mind.

"I guess, though broad, to summarise I could say my aesthetic is profound elegance with brutalist beauty," she says.

This week, she lets us look in her scrapbook and shows us some of the images that inspire her work.


1. Sapporo

"In Sapporo city for the first time in January 2014, I was captivated by the soft pure geometry created by snow. It seems impossible how the snow formed this way."

2. Tesselations

"Before I had the chance to meet my partner I fell in love with his genius work. This is a close up of the back view of his tessellated fabrics."

3. Shini Obmaki

A work by Shinji Ohmaki from the perfect Simple Forms exhibition at Mori Gallery in July 2014.  (With Tokyo city in the background.)

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Focusing on the details. April 2014.

5. Campaign

This is a shot from Stephanie's first campaign. “I absolutely love how [hinges] give another element to a piece."


See more of Stephanie's collection here.

Check out more of the images that inspire her on our Pinterest page or meet her here.