Sorry Thanks I Love You
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Sorry Thanks I Love You x Stefan Simchowitz

Sorry Thanks I Love You x Stefan Simchowitz

This Thursday, Sorry Thanks I Love You will be taken over by one of the most despised revolutionaries in modern art, Stefan Simchowitz, and filled with large-scale paintings by famed prankster-turned-contemporary artist Marc Horowitz.

Image: Andy Braithwaite

Labelled “the Patron Satan of the art world” by The New York Times, the Hollywood producer-cum-digital-entrepreneur-cum-art dealer Simchowitz, known for his work producing Requiem for a Dream in 2000, is disrupting the institutional hierarchies and academic infrastructure of the art world, and has been blacklisted from major galleries around the globe as a result.

Simchowitz uses a mix of new media and unconventional offline channels to promote an increasingly lucrative stable of modern artists to his growing clientele, which includes the likes of Orlando Blooom, Sean Parker, and Anna Getty.

His preferred vehicle of choice in Australia is the newest Sorry Thanks I Love You space at No 5 Martin Place in Sydney. From 19 July onwards, our marble-clad, 300 square metre space will be taken over by a collection of large format oil paintings from Horowitz’s 2017 project ‘Thank you. That was most illuminating.’  All works will be for sale and come with Simchowitz's personal endorsement - a seal that can prove to be electrifyingly lucrative for artsits, collectors and investment portfolios alike.

The project will open at champagne launch night on Thursday 19 July at 6pm. Please join us by registering here.

A post-internet, absudirst artist based in Los Angeles whose work has been described “satanically brilliant”, Horowitz’s paintings merge cinema, stage direction, propping, and screenplay notes.

"We moved into a huge studio and I had the time, space and freedom to spread out,” says Horowtiz. “I had an indoor archery range. I had just gotten sober and wanted to return to painting again. I’d been thinking about it for the past 15 years. It was finally time to return.”

Sorry Thanks I Love You is a comfortable spiritual home for Horowitz’s works, and Simchowitz says the partnership is a logical one.

“Top quality artisanal production of food, clothes, design and jewellery is closely related to art production,” says Simchowitz.  “The integration of all modes of production from high art to a beautiful pot of home-made honey is critical in breaking down the barriers that high art is only accessible to the ultra wealthy.”

Simchowitz says the point of the project is to let the viewer decide if Horowtiz’s work is “great, good, ok or just rubbish.”

“It is not about the gallery broadcasting the myth in a press release, telling you the artist is great,” says Simchowitz. “The choice is yours, and there is no guilt or shame in not understanding or liking the work… You either like it or not, but have the opportunity to be exposed to the work in a setting that is neutral to having the expectation that this art is therefore of some importance.  Maybe it is. Maybe it is not.”

The month-long project will launch at a ticketed champagne launch this Thursday 19 July 2018 at 6pm. We’d love you to join us but tickets are limited. Register here.


Images by Andy Braithwaite