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Star Styling

Star Styling

Star Styling

Magic. The unexpected. Colour. Risks.  Graphics.  Slogans. Humour.

If there could be more delicious ingredients for a fashion label, we’re yet to find them.

Willy Wonka is not the muse of Berlin label Star Styling, but he sure as hell could be.  Established in 2000 by former stage and costume designers Kai Seifried and Katja Schlegel, Star Styling came about almost by accident, when Katja started making the accessories she needed in her job as a stylist.

When the collection of trinkets, accessories and garments became so large that a retailer decided to buy them, the pair turned to the empty pizza box in their living room for inspiriation for their name and logo, delivered courtesy of Star Pizza. And so Star Styling was born.



Champions of colour, glitter, glow in the dark and sequins, Star Styling are permanently waving the flag of sartorial freedom in stretchy cotton jersey and snuggly fleece.

“It is about the remembering of your childhood,” explains Katja, “To get caught by the glitter, the holographic and the magic.”

And Star Styling pieces are nothing if not magic.  Bold, graphic prints, ironic slogans, glow-in-the-dark detailing, and androgyny are the name of the game.  Pieces in every collection live or die by the mantra: Love it or leave it. 

“I am always trying to go into depth with the approach that something reacts inside of you when you see the designs,” says Katja.

Star Styling make every piece by hand in their studio in Mitte, and have dressed some of the most famous musicians in the world - including Bjork. 

“Sometimes we do shirts for DJs, that’s when I am getting into the music of the DJ and think about the feeling which is transmitted in the club and which colours I could use for it,” says Katja.

Despite being completely anti-trend, the pair have become accidental experts at trend forecasting.

“The clothes in our shop which sell really well are always two seasons behind,” explains Katja. “Unlike the new collection, the new one is not selling well when it’s new on the market, but after two years the people ask, “You had this two years ago, can I still have it?” So it is always two years forward and I have no idea why,” she says.

While Star Styling has enjoyed particular success across Asia and in pockets of Paris, the success of the brand over 18 long, cold winters in monochromatic Berlin gives us  an important insight into the German psyche.  While the city dresses in its dark and neutral uniform for the most part, enough of its residents have responded to Katja and Kai’s anti-minimalistic label to allow them to thrive and continue to experiment.

It’s something Katja notices the most when she goes running in her printed joggers.

“For me it’s totally normal, but I can understand if this impact is not for everyone. I think there are more people who have fun looking at our clothes than actually wearing it.”

But not to try it is to miss out on the fun entirely. 


New work from Star Styling is available now. 

Images via Star Styling. With help from OE Magazine.