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To celebrate the arrival of Rains' newest collection, we've created an online gallery of the best Danish photography we could find.  From the social media manager of Sony Music Denmark to a real estate agent snapping on his iPhone, the photographers are a mixed bag - but they all have one subject in common.

1. Bobby Anwar

"I started using Instagram at a time in my life that wasn’t the easiest. I never knew that I would develop such a passion for telling stories, expressing myself through pictures. My journey on Instagram has brought me wonderful experiences, connected me with exceptional human beings and brought me new friendships not only in the virtual sphere but also out in the real world."

2. Nikolaj Thaning Rentzmann

Aquaphile and, most recently, Nobel Peace Prize photographer. 

3. Morten Nordstrom
The social media manager at Sony Music Denmark and self-taught photographer who works with eBay, Microsoft, Nokia and his kids.

4. Jesper Bulow

"I have been photographing on and off for the last twenty years. A couple of years ago I got sort of numb. I used a professional SLR with a lot of lenses and everything. It got too technical and I got lost in all the choices. Then I started to take photos with my iPhone."

5. Soren Thuesen
The most mysterious of the lot.



Check out the full gallery on our Pinterest page.