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If the Redecker tradition proves anything, it’s that passion for brushmaking is instilled from a young age. 

Champions of common sense and efficiency, Germany’s Redecker family are fanatic about anything brush or duster-related: whether it be shoecare or ostrich plumes. 

In reverant tones, their encyclopaedic catalogue speaks of massaging shoe polish in circular strokes, allowing one’s brogues to sit overnight once coated, and the importance of polishing with appropriate vigour to create a protective glistening film. 

The expert knowledge doesn’t stop there.  They've been in the handmade brush game since 1935, so these are people who can converse at length on subjects ranging from pig bristles to the leaf fibres of the Asian sugar palm. 

Redecker began in typically practical fashion, when company founder Friedrich Redecker began to go blind at just four years old.  His parents enrolled him the Soest School for the Blind and he received a sound education in a manual skill that could support him for the rest of his days: brush making. 

None of Frederich’s three sons were interested in pursuing the family business – until that is, the youngest, Gernot, who was in charge of Frederich’s affairs after his death, sold off the last of his father’s brushes at lightening speed at a weekend market.  This is where modern day Redecker began.

Gernot eventually traded his cellar, where the first ever Redecker employees were installed, for a renovated barn and eventually for a warehouse, workshop and a series of shopfronts in Rothenfelde and Westerland. 

From their workshop amongst the green fields of Bockhurst, today’s team of Redecker craftsmen spend their days sanding and shaping wooden handles, expertly brushing and weaving Chinese longhaired goathair and tampico fibres, and packaging the immense catalogue of Redecker products for distribution around the world.   Feather dusters, bottle cleaners, cashmere clothes brushes, shoe horns and even olive wood utensils are all made, wrapped and shipped.

Now in its third generation, the Redecker family are nothing if not consistent. 

“If you take good care of your shoes regularly, you will enjoy them for a long time,” explains Redecker’s website, in typically no-nonsense fashion, alongside a photo of great-great-grandson Felix. 

“75 years have made us neither inflexible nor bored. We remain creative, curious and dedicated to our task with passion and enjoyment.” 


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