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Random Acts of Kindness: Free Yoga

Random Acts of Kindness: Free Yoga

Our Random Acts of Kindness project is at the very core of Sorry Thanks I Love You and has been designed to combine practical assistance with an element of surprise.  Since launch, this project has seen us kit out the Dunalley Primary School’s new commercial kitchen after the school was burnt down in the Tasmanian bushfires, provide bikes to orphans in rural Vietnam so they have a way to get to school, and pull together baby blankets and towels for a womens shelter in Canberra. 

Most recently we’ve been working with non-profit surf community OneWave who promote fun, movement and good mates as an antidote to depression and mental health problems.   OneWave is best known for their early morning ‘Fluro Friday’ sessions around the country, which began as a group surf (or surfing lesson) and a group chat, allowing people to talk about anything weighing on their mind, if they wanted to.

On World Mental Health Day last year, three keen yoga teachers (who call themselves Namaste Bitches) started to partner with OneWave, offering free Fluro Friday yoga classes at Bondi as an alternative to free surfing lessons.  They’ve stayed, offering free yoga classes, every Friday since. As Namaste Bitches’ Lucy Le Messurier Scott explains, “the mental health aspects of yoga and surfing are quite similar: mindfulness, physical effort, and calming the monkey mind by being in the moment: all there is is now.”

Fluro Friday sessions are held on beaches everywhere from Bondi to Lennox Heads, but because it can be tricky for a lot of people to hit the beach at sunrise, this year we’re bringing OneWave’s concept into the CBD again via free weekly yoga sessions in our Sydney shop – starting tomorrow.

Lead by the Namaste Bitches, every class will be designed especially with non-yoga types in mind, and will be laid back, irreverent and helping to spread the message that it's ok not to be ok.  Lucy explains that the Namaste Bitches always try to give their students a bit 'more' than just a set of stretches and strength exercises, like ‘knowledge about the human body, [and] tangible facts [people] can take away and use in daily life to benefit their mental and physical health.’

One of the best things about yoga, Lucy explains, is that it encourages you to be 'you’, and to accept your body and your mind rather than comparing yourself to others.

“Personally, I find it makes me happier and more open about myself... Having juggled with mental health problems most of my life, it's only in more recent years since I started doing regular yoga and became a teacher, that I've noticed a tangible difference in my happiness levels. I think when you're feeling happier, have more clarity about yourself, you're more willing to share this with others.” 

Join us at 6pm at our Sydney shop every Monday for a free hour long class.  No experience is necessary and some mats are provided. (But please BYO if you have one.)  We hope you can make it.



Every Monday 6pm from 1 February 2016

Sorry Thanks I Love You

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