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Philip Lotko was only 26 years old when he launched his company.

“For a long time I stressed in meaningless jobs just to pay my bills, trying to realize my dreams in the spare time,” he says.

“Rains is really a concept based on dreams and ambitions from the founders.”

These ambitious founders, Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix Hesselager met as students at design and business university TEKO, where they launched their own tween clothing brand as a side project to their study. 

The two bring a mix of experience and direction to the company (which now employs nine people) that Philip believes is invaluable. 

“Knowing that you are a part of a team and not the only one lying in the bed in the evening just thinking of what you can do to this product universe is a great motivation." 

The product universe, of course, consists of Rains’ streamlined, functional rain jackets and wet weather accessories.  Capturing a very Danish design aesthetic, Rains’ jackets have stolen the hearts of minimalist design aficionados around the world.

“We are not focused on a specific age, sex or style, but find inspiration in making products suitable for all kind of types,” the pair explain.

Just like wine, Philip and Daniel’s invention is very much a product of their place. Rain is such a defining part of their home city (it rains 121 days of the year in Copehnhagen) that it’s like the fifth element, and their relationship with it is necessarily serious – and not just because it’s key to their livelihood.

“The city is very beautiful just after a rain shower and the air seems totally clean,” says Philip.

“It’s not like we are dancing a rain dance all day long, we just hope to put more positive associations to rainy weather, and be a part of the experience of getting out in the rain.”

And if anyone gets out in the rain, it’s them. 

“There have been many great experiences in start-up of Rains, but we've had so mega busy that we have not taken the time to stop and celebrate them,” says Daniel. 

Daniel says the establishment of the Rains HQ in Egaa near Århus is one of them, the global success of their product, surely, is another.

“To make a product of local authenticity based on Danish culture and environment is such a great inspiration,” says Philip.

“Every day I find new reasons why this is so useful, and with this in my mind, I get the motivation to move ahead.”


Rains long jackets are available here and here.

With help from Teko, Ivaerksatterblog and Rains.