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Pure Lovejoy: Sant and Abel

With a name like Lovejoy, it’s hard to imagine the founder of sleepwear brand Sant and Abel as anything but upbeat. 

Adelaide-born Sophie Lovejoy launched her brand when she saw a genuine gap in the market for classic, colourful pyjamas that people needn't be embarrassed wearing to the corner shop.

Perhaps because the colourful, casual designs were such a true incarnation of her personality, Sophie’s lightweight cotton long shorts and pants in bright stripes and spots were an immediate success.

After a few killer seasons in Australia though, the ex-TV producer decided to take it to the next level and moved to LA in late 2013.

“I really wanted to push the fun, colourful and carefree personality of the brand, which is such an intrinsic part of the Australian culture, into the US market,” Sophie says.

So she went about setting up a US version of her site (synced with a fully automated warehouse no less) and started looking for other, more creative distribution channels, like hotels and resorts.

“It goes without saying that they American market is huge, but with that comes a lot more competition. As a new kid on the block, you really need some cut through,” explains Sophie. 

And it turns out she’s got it.  At a recent trade show in Vegas, Sant and Abel was picked up by a number of retailers and several top hotels and resorts around the country, including Sea Island in Georgia who are using pieces from the collection as their signature pieces for the entire resort.

Sant and Abel’s newest film campaign, shot in Santa Monica last year, has also been shortlisted for a Cannes Lion Award.  The American market seems to be suiting both Sant and Abel and Sophie down to the ground.

“There has definitely been a hole in the US market for high quality, classic designed 100% pure cotton sleepwear,” says Sophie.

Hikes to Griffith Park, cheese at Jones on 3rd, golf sessions at Rancho Park and lunches at GJelina aside, Sophie isn’t sure how long she’ll be staying State-side.

“I always thought that Sydney was spread out and the traffic was hectic but it pales in comparison to LA,” says Sophie. 

“LA is sunny virtually all year round (it has rained four times since I have lived here)! In an ideal world I’ll divide my time between the two!”


New Sant and Abel designs are available here, here and here.