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People Doing Good Stuff: Mr Incredibeard

It’s not often that the beard is more famous than the man. But when you have mutton chops like Isiah Webb’s, it’s kind of inevitable.

“I come from a long line of bearded men,” says Isiah proudly. “[But] my wife has been the one that has pushed me to explore my facial abilities.”

Isiah, aka Mr Incredibeard, has been growing his beard out for the past two years and in doing so has become something of an internet sensation. He’s sculpted it, he’s twisted it, he’s gelled it and he’s frizzed it. He’s turned it into a bowl and eaten noodles from it, and even made Olympic rings out of it. But it was his ‘fries and a beard shake’ and ‘Beardiator’ styles that went seriously viral.

With beards enjoying a legimate comeback, Mr Incredibeard has become a guru – and seems to be relishing the role. “Every day I receive multiple questions about styling and beard care.,” he says. “Luckily I have not yet received any truly weird beard-related questions. I mean, how weird could it be? I've already eaten ramen noodles out of my beard.”

His advice comes from the heart and covers everything from beard-friendly food to beard psyche.

“From history, the worst breakfasts to get things stuck in the beard is oatmeal!” he explains impatiently.  And, on the subject of advice for aspiring beard growers: “Stop thinking about it and let it grow. Everyone comes to the point where they need to just make the decision to do it. So DO IT!”

Not content with online fame, Isiah decided to harness the power of the beard for good by partnering with World Vision and ‘starting a revolution, one beard at a time.’ Working with a local graphic designer in his hometown of San Francisco, Isiah has created the Mr Incredibeard tshirt range featuring simple, bold beard-inspired designs. He then donates a portion of profit from every tshirt sale to World Vision’s clean water fund.

“I've been involved in humanitarian aid through various organization for over ten years now,” says Isiah. “I have been fortunate enough to travel to and help out in many needy areas across the globe. I have a family member who has been working with World Vision for many years now [which] gives me confidence that money donated will go to the correct areas.”

According to World Vision it costs $5 to give a child in the developing world access to clean water. So far Isiah has given that access to 127 kids. Not bad for a man with oatmeal in his beard.