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People Doing Good Stuff: Ben Capp

People Doing Good Stuff: Ben Capp

Melbourne based portrait and fashion photographer Ben Capp’s ongoing creative project is centered around the best kind of bromance.

My Dad’s My Mate’ is a blog capturing the unique relationship between men and their fathers in a series of straight shooting, often humorous portraits.  Ben’s intention is to use the portraits to celebrate father-son relationships and raise awareness around depression and related mental illnesses.

According to Beyond Blue, one in eight Australian men are likely to experience depression in their lifetime, and the highest rates of depression and anxiety occur in men aged 35-44.

"I’m really fortunate, I have a great relationship with my father,” Ben explains on the My Dad’s My Mate website.  “He’s helped me out during tough times. We hang out, he’s my mate and life would be completely different if I didn’t have dad’s wisdom and support.”

By encouraging men to discuss life’s tribulations and triumphs with their fathers, Ben hopes to bring families closer together and take the stigma out of blokes telling their Dads that they love them.  And vice versa.


Ben plans to turn the blog into a book and documentary via a crowd-funding effort which will be underway soon.  Read more about the project here.

Image credit: Ben Capp

With help from The Vine